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Mark Kopkin, Senior Vice President/Investments, Kopkin + Englehardt Wealth Advisory Group, Stifel, Atlanta, Georgia, Goldendoodles, Dogs, Pets+


Q. What first attracted you to the investment industry?

A. I bought my first stock at age 13 with money that I was fortunate to receive from my Bar Mitzvah.  Against my father’s wishes, I invested in Chrysler when it was in bankruptcy at $3 and sold it at $12.  I was hooked on investments from that moment on.  I love being in a business that enables me to assist people with understanding their financial goals and then creating a plan that will help accomplish them for their spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.


Q. Can you give some examples of your volunteer work?

A. I have been the president of my synagogue, the president of an assisted care home, on the steering committee of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, served on the Board of a not-for-profit that focuses on animal rights and animal education, and served on the Board of Directors of many more organizations over the years.  The volunteer work I most enjoy is the strategic planning process that focuses on joint ventures and broadening the reach and scope of an organization for the benefit of our community.


Q. How do you like to spend time with your children?

A. It really does not matter what we do – as long as we do things together, I am in my happy place.  That said, we love to travel, go fishing, go to movies, play board games, go to sporting events, and we are all foodies.


Q. Where is your favorite place to travel?

A. We go to Hilton Head Island every year, but any beach is relaxing to us and provides us the opportunity to spend quality time together.


Q. Where have you not traveled that you would like to travel?

A. Our bucket list includes the Galapagos and going on a safari.  We are all animal lovers and the opportunity to see these two very different habitats and the unique animals and nature is very intriguing to us.


Q. What type of arts do you enjoy?

I have served on the steering committee of the largest film festival in Atlanta for eight years (I am no longer on that Steering Committee/Board, but was enriched by that experience.)  I like to go to arts festivals and art galleries and have an interest in folk art.


Q. What are your pets’ names?

A. My four-legged children are Ruby, a 9-year-old apricot goldendoodle and cancer survivor; Duke, an 8-year-old blonde goldendoodle; and Karli, a six-year-old black-and-white rescue cat that acts like a dog since she was raised by the doodles.


Q. When did you get your first pet?

A. When I purchased my first house, I adopted a golden retriever.  I have had two dogs ever since.  I currently have two dogs, one rescue cat, and fish.


Q. What do you love that your pet(s) does?

A. I love the way my dogs seem to smile and their unconditional love.  I was in a serious accident several years ago, and the doggies were with me every step of my recovery.