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We have assembled a selection of newsletters, financial articles, and related links of interest to help you gain a greater understanding of various important financial topics.  Bookmark this page and check back for regular updates. 

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Wealth Planning Newsletter 
Retirement Plans Quarterly 
Investment Strategist 



Funding Education - Where to Begin 
Charitable Giving Made Easy 
Social Security:  Claim Early and Invest Versus Delaying Receipt for Increased Benefits 
Medicare Fact Sheet 
Health Care Costs in Retirement 
Pension Maximization:  Lump Sum vs. Annuity 


Links of Interest

Internal Revenue Service 
The Wall Street Journal
Barron’s Online 
Investor’s Business Daily
U.S. Social Security Administration 



Mortgage Acceleration 
Loan Payoff 
Taxable Equivalent Yield 
Estate Taxes 
Required Minimum Distributions 
Cash Flow Analysis 
Life Insurance 
Long-Term Care Self Insurance